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Gerlinde Davis

Gerlinde is an AHPRA Registered Psychologist (MAPS) and Educator, holding qualifications in Psychology, Counselling, and Education.

Gerlinde has 20+ years experience as a therapist, working with a broad range of presentations. Gerlinde uses evidence-based therapies, tailoring the approach to individual client need.

Gerlinde has experience working with Trauma, Grief & Loss, Bereavement, and Couples, including working in the Domestic Violence field with 1800Respect service.

An experienced and qualified educator, Gerlinde is currently a sessional teacher with the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP).

Gerlinde also offer neurofeedback where appropriate, particularly focussed on ADHD and trauma.

Scott Carroll

Scott has qualifications in Counselling, Psychology, Neuroscience and Adult Education.
Scott is an AHPRA Registered Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor.

He has over 5 years of clinical experience working in a child-focused practice supporting children and families.

Scott is an experienced Couples Counsellor, an accredited facilitator in Parenting Programs (Circle of Security, and Keeping Kids in Mind).
Scott is experienced in treating anxiety issues in children, adolescents and adults.

Scott is an experienced and qualified educator working in Vocational and Higher Education.

Scott has completed training in autism assessment and interventions, and works with young people from 5 up and adults on the spectrum.

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